La Chiave

Such a shame this restaurant only opened a couple of weeks before our departure from Gunsan. La Chiave is a cute Italian restaurant near Lotte Mart. The food is as delightful as the decor. We went there on two separate occasions: one was a double date, the second a lunch date. Both times, the chef … Continue reading La Chiave

Jogae-gui For the Shellfish Enthusiast

One of our favorite Korean foods is jogae-gui (조개구이), or grilled shellfish. For $15-25/person, you get a variety of different shellfish for your grilling pleasure. Clint and I have been to several restaurants that serve this, and all are about the same in terms of food. The only variation lies in quantity for the price. … Continue reading Jogae-gui For the Shellfish Enthusiast

Pizza Maru

Prior to coming to Korea, Clint had expressed his admiration for Korean fast food. I took it with a grain of salt as fast food inherently means greasiness and post-consumption queasiness for me. But oh my! Down the street from me is a little piece of heaven called Pizza Maru. They have a medium-sized pepperoni … Continue reading Pizza Maru