Discovering Gunsan

Downtown Gunsan is truly an undersold treasure! There are so many shops and restaurants lined along the busy streets. The commencement of monsoon season caused people to walk more hurriedly and purposefully. As someone who loves the rain, it brought me much joy to see that even under those weather conditions, Koreans are still not deterred from enjoying their city. We checked out Gal-B restaurant, where I was introduced to the absolute best Korean BBQ I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. The restaurant was packed, but they still got us to a table within a couple of minutes. Koreans truly live up to their name for providing the most expeditious service.

On the same day, we also got to patronize a pho restaurant. It was no Momma Do’s pho, or even Garland pho, but I applaud their efforts nonetheless. Koreans apparently also really like the combination of waffles and gelato. We saw multiple coffee shops advertising this on their windows. The other thing we experienced was Lotte Mart. People liken it to Walmart, but I’d say it’s Korea’s Target – with four floors.

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