us_zombies_2If you’ve found your way here, you’re either a friend or a very clever stalker. Either way, I’m glad you’ve made it!

In a previous lifetime, I was a graphic designer, an English teacher and even a marketing director. And now, the illustrious Air Force we are deeply in love with has new plans for us in Bossier City, LA!

I love  sweets, robots and traveling. I was once scared of air travel, but now do it like a pro. Clint is my husband, my equal half – a passionate and caring partner who’s in the Air Force. He fishes, snowboards, skates, surfs and loves general shenanigans. He’s the one responsible for igniting my new-found sense of exploration.

When I agreed to be in a relationship with Clint, I also signed a contract to move around the world apparently. I can’t really complain. In this space, we share our adventures – both the active and lazy varieties. We have the fortune of exploring wonderful places, seeing beautiful things and consuming scrumptious food every day (yes, ramen can more often than not be very scrumptious indeed!) So please, join us on this undertaking!

I would also like to take this time to forewarn you of the numerous photos of food I will be posting. I really like to eat. I mean really.

What does “omgoshimasu” mean?

I’m often impressed by life, so “omgosh” is a big part of my mental vocabulary. And with a little bit of Japanese influence, I give you:

omgosh + onegaishimasu (“please” in Japanese) = omgoshimasu
(pronounced oh-my-gosh-ee-mas)

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