One Year of Adventures

On July 24, 2011, Clint Williams, in true old-fashioned form, asked me to “be [his] girl.” A year later, we’re celebrating an entire year of adventures, the power of positive thinking, and love. To be celebrating in Korea is a testament to our unpredictable relationship. Neither of us ever thought we’d be here, let alone be doing it with a partner that’s in every way on the same level as the other person. Every day, we are discovering something new – about life, about human behavior, and places in the world.

This past weekend, we dined at Paradiso Perduto, an Italian restaurant in Eunpa Park in Gunsan. I’ve seen how Koreans approach foreign food, so I didn’t want to go in with any expectations. We ordered a brie and crackers appetizer  (and it came with Clint’s favorite green olives), seafood cream pasta, a prawns olive oil pasta, and a small pizza. Everything was palatable – not amazing, but decent. It was an enjoyable meal, and we were especially entertained by the couple at the next table taking pictures for a good 45 minutes. Clint thought I was bad, but he now has a better appreciation for my efficiency.

After dinner, Clint is usually in the mood for something sweet, as was I. We went next door to Santarosa (whose tagline is “We make a passion”), ordered a very berry waffles and gelato, and enjoyed the summer evening on the outdoor patio. Across the lake was the Eunpa Bridge. We weren’t close enough for me to get any good photos on the iPhone, but it was amazing to see in person. The evening was a quiet one, but that’s exactly what we need sometimes.

The celebration continues this weekend with our trip to Seoul. We can’t wait to see the Gyeongbokgung Palace, the COEX aquarium, temples, the Cheonggyecheon Stream, and eat some amazing food – especially the Brazilian steakhouse Mercado.

Korean Name: 파라디소 페르두또
Phone: 063-471-8525
Address: 248-14 Naun-dong, Gunsan

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