King Crab and the Red Light District

When you mix good food and good company, you're guaranteed to have a great evening. When you add soju to the mix, things always tend to get more interesting. Clint and I invited some friends out to Gunsan to look for the legendary king crab. We've had dungeness crab, blue crab, snow crab, and even … Continue reading King Crab and the Red Light District

Chinese Food and Eunpa Park

After a week-long incarceration period, otherwise known as orientation, I was ready for some good food and relaxing fun. Friday, Clint met me in Gunsan and we went out for some long-awaited Gal-bi and then waffles and gelato. Saturday, we slept in, got breakfast from the CAC on base, and then took a nap. Oh, … Continue reading Chinese Food and Eunpa Park