Chinese Food and Eunpa Park

After a week-long incarceration period, otherwise known as orientation, I was ready for some good food and relaxing fun.

Friday, Clint met me in Gunsan and we went out for some long-awaited Gal-bi and then waffles and gelato.

Saturday, we slept in, got breakfast from the CAC on base, and then took a nap. Oh, how glorious it was! The breakfast offered at orientation was hardly appetizing. Squid and rice just doesn’t rub me the right way before lunch time. So an order of french toast, eggs over easy, and a double order of bacon was just what the doctor ordered!

Mr. Yi, Clint’s co-worker and my Korean savior, wanted to have dinner that night. He suggested Bin Haewon – Clint had been craving the garlic prawns for a couple of weeks. We were seated in a downstairs tatami room, and Clint revealed his very Asian side. We had the garlic prawns, seafood fried rice, fried shredded pork, spicy garlic chicken, and noodles. Everything was tasty as usual!

After dinner, Mr. Yi took us to Eunpa Park for a night-stroll. His daughter, whom I’ve dubbed Little Yi, was with us. We walked around, watched families play with lighted flying copters, and Clint carried me on his back across the “Arc of Love.” It was a beautiful night with a full moon; and the atmosphere was jovial, but relaxing. Just what I needed.

VIDEO: Playing with LED rubber band helicopters.

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