Chinese Food and Eunpa Park

After a week-long incarceration period, otherwise known as orientation, I was ready for some good food and relaxing fun. Friday, Clint met me in Gunsan and we went out for some long-awaited Gal-bi and then waffles and gelato. Saturday, we slept in, got breakfast from the CAC on base, and then took a nap. Oh, … Continue reading Chinese Food and Eunpa Park

Bin Haewon Chinese Restaurant

Sunday afternoon, I woke up after a nap with a deep hankering for Chinese food. I woke Clint up and said, "Let's go look for a Chinese restaurant!" We jumped in a cab, directed the driver in Engrish, "Authentic Chineeese restaurant!" He nodded knowingly, and sped off. He dropped us off in an empty street … Continue reading Bin Haewon Chinese Restaurant