Jogae-gui For the Shellfish Enthusiast

One of our favorite Korean foods is jogae-gui (조개구이), or grilled shellfish. For $15-25/person, you get a variety of different shellfish for your grilling pleasure. Clint and I have been to several restaurants that serve this, and all are about the same in terms of food. The only variation lies in quantity for the price.

If you’re at a beach area, you’ll mostly likely find one; but prices are generally a tad higher. The only exception so far being Chunjangdae Beach by Seocheon. It’s a local spot, and is unbelievably inexpensive. Seriously. The first time we went, and got our bill, we thought they had miscalculated the total.

More importantly, though, let’s talk about the food. It’s pretty typical to get a couple of giant mussels, a bunch of (big and small) clams, scallops, sea snails, and oysters. They give you one plate with pre-opened shellfish, doused in chili sauce and scallions, and another plate of untouched shells. You then have an aluminum container to make a spicy seafood soup out of your flavored shellfish. Some restaurants give you empty containers, others a soup base, and some even give you cheese.

Thanks to an introduction by a friend, we now also order kalguksu – a wheat noodle soup with even more shellfish. You can mix that with your spicy soup, or eat it by itself. Between the noodles and all the shellfish, your taste buds can’t be any happier.

2 thoughts on “Jogae-gui For the Shellfish Enthusiast

    • kimdotron says:

      Assuming you’re in Korea, usually any of the beaches will have them. I’m currently living in Seocheon, and Chunjangdae Beach is nearby. I definitely recommend going to Boryeong in Daecheon, though, as the water there is more apt for swimming and there are many jogae-gui restaurants along the beach.

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