The Gal-B Can Have All My Money

After a rough week of exercise training for Clint, we decided to treat ourselves to dinner in downtown Gunsan. The vote was unanimous: let’s go to The Gal-B! (Since we liked it so much the first time.)

Gal-bi gui, or “grilled ribs,” is especially fun because for one, it’s cooked right in front of us, but we don’t actually have to do it ourselves. The over-eager teenage server was waiting on hand and foot. He looked so uncomfortable when we tried to help ourselves, and nervously looked on for any opportunity to do his job. As soon as Clint dropped his chopsticks, the  boy leapt over to swoop it up and surely felt pretty damn good about himself. It was rather disconcerting, but mostly hilarious.

Secondly, the ribs are so well marinated! We ordered the pork ribs for two. It came with the usual plethora of side dishes. My favorites include: the two types of salad… Oh, that’s it. I didn’t really care for the mysterious-looking jalapeño squid, or the tray of onions with enough to serve my family. I did thoroughly enjoy the ribs with rice, though. We got two bottles of Pepsi and finished our food delightfully.

Korean Name: 더갈비
Phone: 063-453-7722
Address: 98-6 Naun 2(i)-dong Gunsan

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