Pizza Maru

Prior to coming to Korea, Clint had expressed his admiration for Korean fast food. I took it with a grain of salt as fast food inherently means greasiness and post-consumption queasiness for me. But oh my! Down the street from me is a little piece of heaven called Pizza Maru. They have a medium-sized pepperoni pizza for about $6. The crust is made of Green Tea Wellbeing Dough, which gives it a slightly sweet scent and a chewy goodness. A generous layer of melty mozarella and thick slices of pepperoni and Canadian bacon are entangled in a bed of love and comfort.

Two questions I am now asking myself:

  1. When will this daily craving for Pizza Maru end?
  2. How will I survive once I leave Korea?

Friends have been telling us Pizza Hut and Pizza School are also delicious. We’ll be checking them out soon!

UPDATE: I recently tried both Pizza Hut and Pizza School. Still like Pizza Maru the best! Pizza Hut is the same taste, but definitely heartier dough/crust and thicker, melty cheese. Only issue is it’s a tad greasy. And Pizza School isn’t too bad with its 5000₩ ($4.40) pepperoni pizza.

Korean Name: 피자마루
Phone: 041-952-8982
Address: 718-12 Gunsa-ri, Seocheon

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