Singapore + Bali (Part 3/3)

For a while, our vacation objective was to chase the ultimate pool. I'm not really sure where else to go after the Marina Bay Sands. Sitting impressively atop three, 57-floor buildings, the Skypark's infinity pool overlooks the city below and the skyscape beyond. Even for someone with a fear of heights, it was an exhilarating experience. There were … Continue reading Singapore + Bali (Part 3/3)

Singapore + Bali (Part 1/3)

Note: This is a super late post! I've been gathering my thoughts and photos. With Clint's return came the holiday we both desperately needed. He deserved an oasis to contrast the desert he just came from; and I deserved a break from the Tokyo winter. We'd been planning our trip to Singapore and Bali for … Continue reading Singapore + Bali (Part 1/3)