Singapore + Bali (Part 3/3)

For a while, our vacation objective was to chase the ultimate pool. I’m not really sure where else to go after the Marina Bay Sands. Sitting impressively atop three, 57-floor buildings, the Skypark’s infinity pool overlooks the city below and the skyscape beyond. Even for someone with a fear of heights, it was an exhilarating experience. There were a lot of people, but since you had to be a hotel guest to partake, it wasn’t  over-crowded.

Since the complex houses a casino, a mall, a museum and God knows what else, you’re never out of entertainment options. We wandered into a bistro for dinner and tried the wagyu out of curiosity. Mediocre at best. Can’t quite beat Clint’s wagyu steak! However, we did get to taste the most tender squid we’ve ever had the pleasure of trying. And if you’re a glutton for marina_clintpunishment, they also offer a $12 bottle of water!

Singapore is notorious for being expensive, and it can be if you spend all your time around this area. But it was the $3 food-stall noodles and longan drinks that stays in our palate memory bank the most! Definitely a fun surprise around every corner.

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