Clémentine Turns Five

Many moons ago, this little lady was birthed by the Tachikawa River, in the Tokyo Prefecture. (Maybe.) Though her familial origins are unknown, we whisked her away and ingratiated her into the Williams-Do household. Her story is one of intrigue, living in two worlds: being of Japanese descent and navigating life in Shreveport, Louisiana. But … Continue reading Clémentine Turns Five

The Faces of Clementine

Just like the fruit, Clementine can be filled with sweetness. She'll follow me around the house and all she wants is a good petting. She'll snuggle up to me when I'm watching TV or working on the computer. She always runs out to greet me when I come home. She's Tristan's best friend, and shows him … Continue reading The Faces of Clementine