Clémentine Turns Five

Many moons ago, this little lady was birthed by the Tachikawa River, in the Tokyo Prefecture. (Maybe.) Though her familial origins are unknown, we whisked her away and ingratiated her into the Williams-Do household. Her story is one of intrigue, living in two worlds: being of Japanese descent and navigating life in Shreveport, Louisiana. But … Continue reading Clémentine Turns Five

Happy Third Birthday, Clémentine!

I can't believe our little baby girl is turning three already. To commemorate, I've photographed her doing her favorite activity: staring out the window at the rain. Also, I made her a glamping tent. As expected, she couldn't care less when I first presented it to her; but later in the night, I didn't hear from her … Continue reading Happy Third Birthday, Clémentine!