Tyty Visits Japan!

Finally! A fellow Do comes to visit our humble abode here in Tokyo. In transit to Vietnam, my sister stopped by for a quick tour. I chose the best spots I could think of for proximity and weather limitations. We started with the Shiofune Kannon temple in Ome. The winter had a sepia effect on the … Continue reading Tyty Visits Japan!

Tori no Iru – Owl Cafe

With yet another friend visiting Tokyo, I had to think of a fun place to take her that didn't include another touristy spot or one we'd been to before. And then it hit me! I'd been wanting to go to an owl cafe since I first saw someone post about it months ago. There are several in our area, … Continue reading Tori no Iru – Owl Cafe

Fussa Foods

I'm not even exaggerating when I say everything in Japan is delicious! We pretty much haven't walked into any restaurant (whether by recommendation or by chance), that we've been displeased with. From yakiniku to ramen to curry even - everything is so oishii. Below are some local restaurants we've tried and loved so far: バーミヤン瑞穂店 … Continue reading Fussa Foods