Tori no Iru – Owl Cafe

With yet another friend visiting Tokyo, I had to think of a fun place to take her that didn’t include another touristy spot or one we’d been to before. And then it hit me! I’d been wanting to go to an owl cafe since I first saw someone post about it months ago. There are several in our area, but I liked the idea of a cafe with a variety of birds so Tori no Iru Cafe it was.

As we’d been warned by other bloggers, there was a standard 20-30 minute wait. But it wasn’t a bad one since we could entertain ourselves with a cluster of bird-themed gashapon (toy vending machines) just outside.The cafe was all glass, so we could ooh and ahh freely at the birds from outside as well.

While we waited, a couple pulled up on their bikes – and I had to do a double take because I couldn’t believe my eyes. They had baby owls perched on their handlebars. Baby owls! They were just nonchalantly riding around the city with baby-freakin-owls with them. They couldn’t be bothered with, but all I wanted to do was steal them. Really, the owners didn’t even blink at our inquisitiveness. And so we just stood by like groveling puppies as they went into the cafe.

We were soon seated and offered the drink/snack menu. I already knew I wanted the adorable owl cheesecake (that turned out to not be an owl, but based off their famous cockatoo.) The rest didn’t matter. We quickly devoured our drinks and cake and proceeded to the petting/photo-taking. The owls were much softer than I expected. The feathers were impossibly smooth. A part of my anti-animal-captivity side protested, “I’m not sure about these birds being restricted to this room;” but the other part knew they were being well cared for by the owners. The birds didn’t seem miserable, so I left with no qualms.

It was a cute experience, and certainly a novel one. I’d take other visitors there.


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