Phuket, Thailand

Late Post: We went on this trip in Feb 2016

Phuket (according to my Thai friend, is pronounced “poo-kit”) is widely known as a party beach city. And while Patong is indeed littered with clubs and bars, there is so much more to this island. Even as touristy as it is, the expansive Patong Beach is still strikingly clear. We walked down the coastline to soak it all in -the vengeful sun and all- and couldn’t help but notice the millions of Europeans that had descended upon the coast. But let’s go back to the beginning.

The NAKA Phuket


We decided to splurge a little bit on our stay here because the pictures were so alluring – and it didn’t disappoint! Each room is its own villa stacked upon a hill that looked down to a private beach. Between that and our private pool, we were never short of a cool swim.

After checking in, we were too tired to try to hit the restaurant strip. Thank goodness for room service! Not only was the food delicious, the prices were amazing! We really could’ve survived on room service the whole stay. The next morning, I was too excited to sleep and woke up early to call my sister and cajoled her into coming back with me. The morning sun, the tropical fruit they provided and a quiet pool was the perfect combination for getting ready for a day around Patong.


Patong Beach & Good Eats

Patong is a 1.77-mile stretch of beach and shops. It may have taken us all day to walk around, soak it all in and stopping every five minutes for a snack. Thai food is one of our favorites back home, but we quickly learned (as with anywhere else), the local food can’t be compared to Americanized versions. There were some great things, and others were misses. But Clint will tell you his favorite is Mama’s – that crab is yum!

Phang Nga, Maya Bay, James Bond Island, Koh Phi Phi

We did our research before heading there, and had pre-booked a couple of excusions with Phuket Sail Tours. The tours includes hotel pick-up, so transportation was taken care of. Since we had no previous experience, we decided to do one large boat trip and one speedboat. I think we’re pretty easy-going, so not a lot will discourage us. However, we must advise against the big boat trips. It’s way too many people to take on a water tour. You’re constantly bumping into other people, and have to wait every time there’s a stop. By the end of the Phang Nga day, we were exasperated by the crowd, and really weren’t even that impressed by the scenery.

Speedboat to Koh Phi Phi on the other hand, was a much better experience. I need to disclose that I get bad motion/sea-sickness, so I took a Dramamine before both trips – but I really needed it for the speedboat. That thing is SO bumpy! Nerves were high on that morning trip out. But once the waters calmed, and we made our way closer, everything was lovely. We especially respected the lesson from our guide: apparently tourists often want to take photos with baby monkeys, opening a market for abduction of said babies and causing distress and death of the mother monkey. He asked us all to say no, and conscientiously all 17 of us agreed.

What’s Next?

Then it was time to say goodbye to our favorite part of the trip: The NAKA. We swam and basked in the sun a little more before making our way to Koh Samui.

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