Koh Samui, Thailand

Late Post: We went on this trip in Feb 2016

Koh Samui

Everyone says Koh Samui is the antithesis of Phuket – I think it may be true! Where the latter is a rambunctious, party town, Koh Samui is the tranquil counterpart.

Went spent a couple of days exploring the island on scooter (a great rental, by the way!) and saw things at our leisure. It was a perfect idea. The scooter itself was only $7/day and gas is next to nothing. We were able to hit up Big Buddha Temple, Wat Plai Laem, a random restaurant by the beach called Smile House and tons of other photo-op-stops.

A really cool thing about Thailand is how cheap laundry services are. We dropped off a big bag of laundry, they weighed it and charged something to the effect of $2/kg. Regardless, we got clean and folded clothes back the next day for obscenely little money.


Chaweng Night Market

When the sun sets, you make your way to the Night Market. There are endless options for food vendors – even an American burger bar Clint claims to be one of the best. Though I can’t promise the buckets of long islands didn’t sway his opinion. While Clint was preoccupied with his drink of choice, I was starting my own watermelon slush addiction.

OZO Hotel

We spent the last day lounging by the pool, then beach, then pool. Ate pizza, drank a lot of our individual vices and Clint got a fun souvenir to bring home!

One day during our Koh Samui stay, we ventured out to Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan, but that place deserves its own post!

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