Night of the Living Dead

We found out about Zombie Night yesterday. That meant we had 24 hours to prepare. Of course the BX had nothing left to accommodate our ghoulish needs; so I said to Clint, “No problem. This is where creativity comes into play!” We grabbed a few supplies, spent two delightful hours applying our make up, and headed out for a night of fun. Below is the result!

There was a best male and female zombie costume contest. I lost to a lady whose costume definitely deserved the winning prize (see below). Clint, however, lost to a less than noble foe. The guy came dressed as Jason – and it was a very admirable Jason costume, but the contest was for the best zombie costume. Clint can’t let it go.

We also learned how old and outdated we are in the dance scene. I didn’t know any of the new dances, and wobbled about in my uncoordinated stupor. But we still had a blast, and can now sleep comfortably in our old people bed. Good night, fellow creatures of the grotesque!

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