Seoul and the Trick Eye Museum


Clint and I just spent what we think was our last weekend together in Seoul before our upcoming departure. We had a few events planned, but the rain inhibited a couple of things. However, spending a day discovering a new museum, an international food mart, and consuming copious amounts of great food pushed our endorphin levels into overload.


My favorite spot for sweets in Seoul! The strawberry fondue muffin can’t be beat. We found this gem on our last trip, but only got one muffin. This time, we got quite a few to last me throughout the week. They come in so many flavors, and have the cutest topping designs.

Pizza Hut (Express Bus Terminal)

We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Pizza Hut before heading out on our day. We figured a pepperoni pizza would be plenty to feed the both of us. Well as it turns out, for 15,000 KRW, you only get a personal pan pizza. Although it was really well made, the bill is much too high for a fast-food lunch.

Trick Eye Museum

A bus ride away from our hotel is Hongdae. The university-area buzz was reminiscent of my days back in Austin, TX. Hordes of students made their way around in a frenzy. Naver Maps was reliable as always, and helped us find the Trick Eye Museum. It was a tad… wait for it… tricky to find. It sits inconspicuously among many shops, and only upon reaching it do you see a sign pointing to the basement.

We paid 13,000KRW each, and relished in the excitement to come. There were quite a few people there, but not such a crowd that it was unbearable. Couples as well as families bustled about taking pictures with each display. We took pictures of ourselves, and implored every nearby patron we could grab to take pictures for us. Each scene caught an over-dramatization in still frame. It was such a novel experience!

Braai Republic

We originally planned to attend an outdoor opera festival at the Seoul Arts Center, but the forecast predicted rain. Plus, after an hour of posing and laughing, we were famished! As with every trip, we penciled in time for Braai Republic. The lamb chops were good as always. I must’ve been very hungry, because not only did I consume my entire plate, I also finished a slice of cheesecake. We realized it was probably our last meal at Braai, and savored every bite. (Melancholia is setting in as I type this.)

We left the restaurant satisfied and in such a great mood! It had started raining more, but we didn’t even care. With our 2,500KRW umbrellas, we skipped happily to the bus stop. Tired and wet, but full and happy!

National Foods Mart

We also found the international food mart while in Itaewon. Hidden behind the Dunkin Donuts alley was this treasure the entire time! I found my coveted Mama noodles, along with some lemongrass stalks, and egg noodles! Such simple things, but so difficult to procure in Korea. This made the day even better!

Dongdaemun Shopping Complex

Clint needed to find shoes, and this led us to the Doosan Tower in Dongdaemun. All the wholesale shops were closed, which made the barren streets a really bizarre scene. However, as we reached the consumer shopping area, the swarm of people were back. Inside the shopping mall were shops after shops of clothes, shoes, and accessories. We had no idea what we were getting into! Haggling is the game, and some are more willed than others. We got some shoes, a dress, and a necklace at bargain prices.

I’ll be heading back to Seoul to pick up some muffins before my flight back home, but this trip wraps up our Seoul adventures for this year!

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