Winter Camp: Music Makes the World Go Round

Now that the winter snow has hit Korea, schools are preparing for break. But of course, in Korea, a break is just another chance to learn more. Yes, everyone can see the irony but Korean parents.

I was assigned two weeks of camp: one at Bunae and the other at Biin. I had to plan a 16-class camp for both 5th and 6th graders at the first school, and decided the best thing to get students involved was music. Hence, the camp theme: Music Makes the World Go Round. In addition to a workbook, games, and chances to win money for prizes, I also had the students learn the lyrics to One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” for a class music video.

The week has gone by surprisingly fast, and we’ve done a good deal so far. We’ve been learning the lyrics all week, and finally made our music video today. Following are the trailers and the actual music video. Enjoy!



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