Happy 2013!

Happy New Year from Korea! For NYE, we were invited out into the city last minute. I put on my sequin dress and we headed out to our first Korean club. I had heard some things, but wasn’t sure what to expect. True to the rumors, mostly Korean techno music blasted throughout the club. Night Club was quite spacious with a lot of tables and a decent dance floor at the front. The DJ was on stage, dressed more formally than I’m used to. A few Korean patrons were scattered about, and we took our place nearer to the stage. Everyone was pretty pumped to do some dancing, and a couple of guys got the party started. Unorthodox, but it motivated everyone to join in. The DJ played a couple of American hip hop songs, a few slow songs to set the mood, and “Gangnam Style” twice. It was a fun night, and we counted down merrily.

Happy New Year!

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