Squadron Christmas Party 2012

We kicked off the holiday season with Clint’s Squadron Christmas party. I have to give props to the Booster Club for their rigorous fundraising efforts and putting together such a festive event. The party was hosted at Kunsan’s Loring Club, so I don’t know how much was done by them, but everything looked really nice. Christmas trees sparkled in every corner. Lights and hanging snowflakes sparkled in the hallways. Santas (male and female) walked around spreading cheer.

After an enjoyable dinner of prime rib au jus, cranberry honey chicken, and various sides, there were games and raffle prizes. Our table was pretty cooperative during the “musical chair with a twist” and “pass the apple” games. No wins, but it was a good effort by all.

Clint and I left the party with a $25 gift-card raffle prize. Great start to the holidays!

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