Thanksgiving Away From Home

Leading up to Thanksgiving, I was getting pityingly homesick. My sister and I usually commandeer all Thanksgiving duties, and it was always quite the production. We’d have superfluous names like “Kim & Jane’s Audaciously Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner,” and we’d have designer-worthy menus prepared. Sometimes we stuck to traditional dishes: turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, cream corn, stuffing… etc. Other times, we’d get creative and do lamb or salmon. We’re no good at cooking, but the family always humored us and ate politely. In the end, alcohol always fixed everything anyway.

This year, I only had myself and Clint to cook for, so I opted for something less grandeur. Instead of turkey, I got two cornish hens. They were the perfect size for us. For sides, a simple garlic and onion sauteed green beans, corn on the cob, and sweet baked potato. For dessert, Clint wanted a crumb cake. The aromatic baked cinnamon lured a couple of guys from the other dorm rooms to join us.

We watched Lawless while enjoying our cake, and for a good while, it felt like a home. I’m extremely thankful for the life that I have: an interesting and easy-going job, old and new friends, a family at home that’s always entertaining and Clint Williams – he’s my (Ragna)rök.

Oh yeah, ping pong and drinking were somehow involved later in the night. How is it that the more drunk these guys get, the better they get at playing things?

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