A Little Piece of Home

I’m feeling a little homesick today. I miss my mom’s cooking – a lot. When I was home, she’d spoil me with shrimp tempura for lunch, post-nap egg rolls, and bun bo hue (Vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup) when I wanted it. Here in Korea, I not only have to learn to cook for myself, I have almost none of the ingredients I used to see in my mom’s kitchen. Miraculously, I did find fish sauce at E-mart and attempted to make chao ga (chicken congee) today. It was nothing like Momma Do’s, but it made me miss home a smidgen less. Just a smidgen.

I also picked up more clam last weekend and put together a chili garlic concoction. And in true Vietnamese fashion, every meal has to have a vegetable dish. I used baby bok choy and I tossed together a simple garlic stir-fry. I still need a lot of practice, but I think Momma Do would be proud.

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