Gunsan Seawall

As part of my requirement for living/working in Korea, I must travel to the capital to apply for an alien registration card. Luckily for me, the capital of Chungnam is in Daejeon – some 2 hours away from Seocheon. Yay.

Mr. Yi, our savior and locally-knowledgeable friend, drove Clint and me there and home. On our way back, he gave us a guided tour of the Saemangum Seawall – an impressive 33 km (20.5 mi) man-made dyke. To the left was fresh estuary water, and to the right, 100% salty Yellow Sea water. He also gave us a bunch of touristy facts I can’t seem to remember. But I do remember the distinct feeling of being in a dream-like state, much like the characters of Inception. You’re cognizant of your surroundings, yet the world itself is obvlious to you. Coupled by the fact that no one else was around and the misty sky, I thought at any moment, the bridge would collapse and I’d be dropped into a tundra biome.

I need to stop watching so much TV.

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