Hello, Korea!

After weeks of nonstop phone calls, paperwork, and tireless efforts, Clint and I are both finally in Korea together! As always, the military makes things as easy as possible for Clint’s transition – they even had a crew come to pack and move for him! My process, however, was a different story. After the interview and getting accepted by EPIC, I had to :

  • get all my documentation to Korea ($95 by Fedex)
  • put in my two weeks notice
  • get my visa
  • sell the car
  • host a garage sale to get rid of other belongings, give away the rest of my stuff
  • pack two 50-lb boxes, a small suitcase and backpack
  • schedule lunches/dinners with friends and family to say farewells
  • eat all the American food I can possibly handle
  • purchase the plane ticket (I was fortunate enough to get a direct flight from DFW to Korea for <$1200)
  • make the 14.5-hour flight to Incheon, then take a three-hour bus ride to Gunsan

Clint met me at the Gunsan bus terminal with much relief and I him with a drowsy smile. I made it!

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